June 8, 2012

Emboss Resist with Gelatos

Good morning everyone ,
For those of you that do not know I work as a nurse ... as well as run TheRubberCafe.com . My husband and I have owned this company for four years . So this morning I am coming home from quite the shift ... lets just say that I am glad to be home this morning .

Todays Tutorial is on Emboss Resist - I am addicted to embossing but in a way its kinda old school . It still has its place but it was a old standby technique when this hobby first started getting popular .

Emboss Resist with Gelatos is really cool its adding some POW to a old technique . Everything comes full circle eventually in fashion I guess papercrafting is kind of the same .

I always use clear embossing powder on white paper and of course VERSA-MARK this is the gold standard for watermark ink .

Then you are going to heat it till it becomes shiny (remember if you can smell something burning you heated it too much )
Once it cools off its time to start the Magic .... pick three of your favorite colors of Gelato .. this might be hard I love all of them . This can be done in color families or in three different colors .

This is using the wood grain background stamp ... If you do not have background stamps in your collection I highly recomend that you invest in some .. Myself and a few of our other designers have designed some really great large and cheap background stamps . This is one of our newer releases and its pretty cool ...

The colors on this I used are the Dark brown , White and gold and I mixed them all together .

Lightly wipe with a baby wipe to get the Gelato off the embossing and once its done it looks like a old barn board or a piece of driftwood .
For the last photo I added a little more of the dark brown to highlight the edges a little more.

Three colors of Gelato in the same color family , on top of another great background stamp .

Do not be AFRAID to add some color and the best part is ... if its a little too much you can blot it off with a baby wipe . Below is all the colors blended with your fingers .

Taking a baby wipe in a circular motion you want to blend the colors and wipe the color off the embossing powder . I think that this is pretty a pretty neat technique .

I hope to see you again tomorrow ... for another really cool technique . Please sign up and follow my new blog or leave me some love ... I am always glad that you checked me out .

Hope you have a wonderful day



  1. great "! I haven't tried this yet, thanks!

  2. So cool, Melissa! I will have to try that!